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We provide highly reliable and extremely durable memory & storage products to a wide variety of embedded systems across various sectors

Disk on Module, SATADOM,  SATA DOM, IDE DOM, USB DOM SATA SSD, IDE SSD, Industrial SATA SSD, Industrial IDE SSD Industrial CompactFlash Industrial SD Card
IDE Disk on Module
SATA Disk on Module
USB Disk on Module
PCIe Disk on Module
Industrial SATA Solid State Disk
Industrial IDE PATA Solid State Disk
Semi-Industrial MLC Solid State Disk
icf4000 CompactFlash Cards
icf9000 CompactFlash Cards
iSLC CompactFlash Cards
Innolite CompactFlash Cards
Regular Temperature Industrial SD Cards SLC
Wide Temperature Industrial SD Cards SLC
MicroSD Industrial mSATA SSD SLC USB Flash Drive CFAST Industrial
Industrial MicroSD
Wide Temp MicroSD
Industrial MSATA
Industrial SATASLIM
Industrial M.2 Interface
SLC USB Flash Drive
Wide Temp SLC USB Flash Drive
SLC USB Nano Drive
Wide Temp SLC USB Nano Drive
" Industrial CFAST SLC
Wide Temperature CFAST SLC
Pcie SSD Pcie SSD Industrial RAM SATA Disk on Module Duplicator
CF-SATA Innolite
Pcie SSD Solutions
Industrial Wide Temp SDRAM
Industrial Wide Temp DDR
Industrial Wide Temp DDR2
Industrial Wide Temp DDR3
more ...
IDE & SATA DOM & CompactFlash duplicator
USB Flash duplicator
SD Cards duplicator
Pcie SSD
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SSD Reliability
All our products are designed to run on mission critical applications. Our focus: Deliver all the operational robustness and ruggedness needed in your industry

Customer service is not a department, it's everyone's job. We promise to deliver the most comprehensive service in every situation. Do you need any technical help or advice ? Ask us.

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SSD Reliability
Our unique Technology

iSmart SSD   iSmart SSD   iSmart SSD
iSmart SSD   iSmart SSD
Discover a few of our exclusive features

  • iSmart monitoring system
  • iCell data protection
  • Power in SATA Pin7
  • Thermal Sensor
  • Write protection switch
  • Choose your flash memory
    Commercial MLC
    MLC Flash memory
    Industrial iSLC
    islc Flash memory
    Industrial SLC
    industrial SLC flah memory
    Budget friendly flash storage for semi-industrial applications Fast and 30 times more writing endurance than MLC: Unmatched performance and endurance
    3,000 Program Erase Cycles.
    Unlimited read
    Perfect for Kiosk, mostly Reading application with limited data write
    30,000 Program Erase Cycles.
    Unlimited read
    Delivering a lifespan that is suitable for industrial and enterprise applications
    100,000 Program Erase Cycles.
    Unlimited read
    Fit all industrial embedded flash memory and intensive data write
    Learn more about
    our MLC products & technology
    Learn more about
    our iSLC products & technology
    Learn more about
    our SLC products & technology

    Designed especially for your industry
    Industrial / Embedded

    Embedded Flash memory
    Cloud Computing & Servers

    Cloud computing SSD
    Aerospace & Defense

    Aerospace & Defence Solid State Storage
    We provide highly reliable and extremely durable memory products to a wide variety of embedded systems across various sectors, including the industrial, commercial, medical, transportation, automation, and gaming fields. Our server-grade memory products that have passed stringent testing and quality control measures and provide 24-hour non-stop performance for the world's ever-demanding cloud computing applications Our memory products deliver leading-edge technology that has passed stringent testing and quality control measures to provide mission-critical performance for the aerospace and defense sectors.

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       What Interface do you use ?

    IDE 40Pin      IDE 44Pin      CompactFlash       SD / MicroSD      CF-SATA     

    SATA       mSATA       SATASLIM      

    CFAST        PCIe        USB      

       What temperature range do you need?

    My application is indoor - it needs to operate between 0c celcius to +85c celcius
    My application is outdoor - it need wider operating temperature : between -40c celcius to +85c celcius

       What technology do you need?

    The application will not write data constantly on the device, It will lightly save data to the storage and it's mostly for "read only". Technology used is eMLC / MLC ( ex: Kiosk application )

    My application will frequently write data on the unit, so i want a long writing endurance storage and don't want to worry about data writing endurance. Technology used is iSLC / SLC

       Options: ( might limit results )

    I need a physical write Protection swich
    I need the ismart monitoring system to check the health of the storage

    About us - The Solid State Memory Experts

    We are the choice you have been looking for all your solid state technology needs. Understanding your requirements on mission critical application, we provide a wide selection of products with the best reliability, durability & performance of the industry with high tolerance to shock, vibration, humidity and temperature.

    Great Customer Service
    Our goal is to identify your needs and exceed them. More important than anything else in our eyes is the level of customer service that we provide to our customers. Whether it is a casual question or an urgent technical problem, our staff is available online and on the telephone to answer all of your questions. Our staff is trained and dedicated to providing superior customer service to all of our customers.

    Need Help for your Project? Does our product meet your requirements ?
    Do you need any technical help or advice ? We are here to offer your project a faster time to market with an Improved operational efficiencies.

    To Decrease your Production Costs, Getting High quality & Cost effective Storage unit allows you to control your assembly cost and increase your profit Our flexible production process allows us to provide the most competitive flash offer in the industry. If you need to plan your production or you need cost information on any quantity, please contact us to get an accurate quantity pricing.

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