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32GB 2.5" SATA 6000 Solid State Flash Disk D2S6-32GD11C

Flash Disk Drive

Flash Disk Drive
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The SATA Solid State Disk is the next generation of storage device based on industrial flash memory technology, which emulates an ordinary magnetic hard disk.

Built for speed, these Solid State Storage Devices need no moving or spinning parts, and that makes no mechanical noise, suitable for used in portable or embedded system, which has only limited power consumption. The Flash Disk Drive products are also free from extra and special algorithm or some firmware driver. Just plug the unit into the SATA slots and operate it as same as a regular Hard Disk Drives.

These high-speed SSD units provide faster and higher performance storage solution for industrial application, embedded computing, high-speed networking, broadband communications, mobile computing, military, medical and aerospace

In Addition of high-performance, the devices are capable of withstanding a higher dree of enivornmental distress, delivering extreme endurance.


InnoDisk FiD 2.5 SATA 6000 products provide high capacity flash memory Solid State Drive (SSD) that electrically complies with Serial ATA (SATA) standard. InnoDisk FiD 2.5 SATA 6000 support SATA II standard (3.0GHz) with high performance. Sustain read is 60 MB per second, and sustain write is 40 MB per second. InnoDisk FiD 2.5 SATA 6000 uses standard 2.5-inch form factor, which can be used in laptop. InnoDisk FiD 2.5 SATA 6000 is also designed for industrial field. The SSD have good performance, and have small latency time. It effectively reduces the booting time of operation system and the power consumption is less than hard disk drive (HDD). InnoDisk FiD 2.5 SATA 6000 can work in harsh environment. The SSD is vibration resistance, and can work in lower or higher temperature than HDD. InnoDisk FiD 2.5 SATA 6000 complies with ATA protocol, no additional drives are required, and the SSD can be configured as a boot device or data storage device.

General Specifications

Burst Transfer Rate : 3Gbps
Sustained Read : 60MB/sec
Sustained Write : 40MB/sec
Average Latency : 0.4 ms
DC Input Voltage: +3.3V/+5V Single power supply
Dimension: 99.83/69.63/9.3 mm (W/T/H)
Compatibility: CE  and FCC standards

No additional device drivers are required. Flash in Disk (FiD) 2.5 SATA 6000 can be configured as a boot device.

Wear Leveling

Flash memory can be erased within a limited number of times. This number is called the erase cycle limit or write endurance limit and is defined by the flash array vendor. The erase cycle limit applies to each individual erase block in the flash device. InnoDisk FiD 2.5 SATA 6000 uses a wear-leveling algorithm to ensure that consecutive writes of a specific sector are not written physically to the same page/block in the flash. This spreads flash media usage evenly across all pages, thereby extending flash lifetime.

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature Range
Standard Grade: -100C ~ +700C
Industrial Grade: -400C ~ +850C
Storage Temperature Range
Standard Grade: -550C to +950C
Reliabily and Durability
Reliability Test Conditions
Vibration: 7 Hz to 2000Hz, 2 g, 3 axes
Mechanical Shock Duration: 0.5ms, 1500 g, 3 axes
Drop Unit: From a height of 1.5 m
Product Condition MTBF (Hours): FiD 2.5 SATA6000 Telcordia SR-332 GB, 25 0CC > 3,000,000

Manual CHS Value
Capacity Cylinders Heads Sectors LBA
8GB 15861 16 63 15988736
16GB 16383 16 63 31979776
24GB 16383 16 63 47972352
32GB 16383 16 63 63963136
48GB 16383 16 63 95944704
64GB 16383 16 63 127926272
96GB 16383 16 63 191889408
128GB 16383 16 63 255852544

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