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4GB Write Protect CF 8000 DC1S-04GD91C1D-A

Industrial Compact Flash & CFAST

Wide Temp

The Industrial CompactFlash card is industry standard ATA compatible 50-pin card can easily be designed in to virtually any application, making it the ideal solution for applications requiring very reliable, high performance, low power storage.

Compared to the traditional Retail CompactFlash, this industrial compact flash can operate under -10c to 70c ( please check wide temp model for extended temperature range) and has a durability of more than 2,000,000 program/erase cycles and 3,000,000 hours ( MTBF)

The CompactFlash and PCMCIA cards support True IDE Mode that is electrically compatible with an IDE disk drive. The original CompactFlash form factor card can be used in any system that has a CompactFlash slot.

Write Protection Switch on this model

The InnoDisk Industrial CompactFlash® 8000 Memory Card (iCF8000) products provide high capacity solid-state flash memory that electrically complies with the True IDE Mode that is electrically compatible with an IDE disk drive. The original CF form factor card can be used in any system that has a CF slot. Designed to replace traditional rotating disk drives, InnoDisk Industrial CompactFlash® 8000 Memory Cards are embedded solid-state data storage systems for mobile computing and the industrial work place. The Industrial CompactFlash® features an extremely lightweight, reliable, low-profile form factor.
Industrial CompactFlash® 8000 (iCF8000) supports advanced PIO (0-4), Multiword DMA (0-2), Ultra DMA (0-6) transfer modes, multi-sector transfers, and LBA addressing.
General Specifications

Interface: 50pin Compact Flash
IDE Transfer Mode:
  • PIO mode 0-4
  • MwDMA mode 0-2
  • UltraDMA mode 0-6
  • 2GB~16GB (SLC)
  • 8GB~ 32GB (MLC)
    Data transfer rate: Read- 80MB/sec., Write-75MBytes/s (SLC); 40MBytes/s (MLC)
    Compact Design: Buil-in Power pin (pin 7) - (optional - please contact us)
    Error Correction Function: Built-in ECC corrects up to 8-bit per 512-Byte
    Dimension: 42.80±0.1/36.40±0.1/3.30±0.05mm (W/T/H)
    Weight: 5g
  • Boot

    No additional device drivers are required. The iCF8000 can be configured as a boot device.
    Any Operating system can be installed.

    Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature Range
    Standard Grade: 0°C to +70°C
    Industrial Grade: -40°C to +85°C
    Storage Temperature Range
    Standard Grade: -55°C to +95°C

    Reliabily and Durability
    Reliability Test Conditions Reference Standards
    Vibration 7 Hz to 2 KHz, 20G, 3 axes IEC 68-2-6
    Mechanical Shock Duration: 0.5ms, 1500G, 3 axes IEC 68-2-27

    Product Condition MTBF (Hours)
    iCF8000 Telcordia SR-332 GB, 25°C 3,000,000

    Transfer mode and power consumption

    iCF8000 supports the following transfer mode:
  • PIO Mode: 0~4
  • Multiword DMA: 0~2
  • Ultra DMA: 0~2

    iCF8000 power consumption
  • Read operation: 185mA(max.)
  • Write operation: 210mA(max.)
  • Power Down mode: 1.3mA(max.)
  • Read operation: 105mA(Typ.)
  • Write operation: 115mA(Typ.)
  • Power Down mode: 0mA(max.)

  • Manual CHS Value

    Capacity Cylinders Heads Sectors LBA   
    2GB 3900 16 63 3,931,200
    4GB 7785 16 63 7,847,280
    8GB 15538 16 63 15,662,304
    16GB 16383 16 63 31,293,440
    32GB(MLC Only) 16383 16 63 62,537,728