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SATA Disk on Module

Quad Channel SATA DOM - up to 4 times faster as regular D150 - Also come with Write Protection switch
Commercial Temp Built-in Power

This DOM model has the built-in power input directly on the SATA port. It means you don't need to connect the SATA DOM to an external power source ( on the motherboard or power supply ). However please verify if your motherboard has the power capacity on SATA port ( on pin7 ) otherwise this unit will not work and on this case, we suggest the same model without the Built-in Power function.
125MB/s read - 120MB/s write. As a leading position, InnoDisk developed advanced and especially innovative mechanical design for SATADOM D150Q to improve SSDs reliability to anti-shock and anti-vibration as well.

  • Amazing smallest SATA disk module
  • Ultra high density up to 32GB
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Advanced and innovative mechanical design for anti-vibration (patented)
  • Built-in VCC at pin 7 (patented, optional)
  • Data encryption AES-128 support

    Please check all the various models on the page below.

    What is the difference between "regular" version and [Version2]?
    The [Version2] with part# ending with a "B" is simply a new revision of the model with an updated memory chip and firmware update, they have the exact same functionality and specifications. The [version 2] will be available in a longer time range and the "regular" version will phase out sooner. For a new project, we suggest to go with [Version2]

  • Product Informations

    Model Name: D150QVHOOKF
    Interface: SATA II 3.0Gb/s
    Type: Vertical
    Flash Type: MLC
    Capacity: 8GB~ 128GB
    Max. Channels: 4
    Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.): 120/70
    Max. Power consumption: 1W (5V X200 mA)
    Thermal Sensor: Optional
    H/W Write Protect: Yes
    Pin7 Power: Yes
    ATA Security: Yes
    S.M.A.R.T.: Yes

    Reliabily and Durability

    Vibration: 20G@7~2000Hz
    Shock: 1500G@0.5ms
    MTBF: 3 million hours

    Environmental Specifications

    Storage Temperature: -550C ~ +950C
    Operation Temperature: Standard Grade: 00C ~ +700C
    Industrial Grade. OP: -200C ~ +850C

    Physical Characteristics

    Dimension (WxLxH/mm): 25.3 x 39.5 x 6.8
    Type: Vertical

    Mechanical Specs.