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32GB InnoLite SATADOM D150QV Quad Channel Power on Pin7 Wide Temp DESIH-32GJ30AE1QNF

SATA Disk on Module

Cost Effective Innolite solution - Reliable MLC Flash Storage with Wear Leveling algorithm
P7 VCC Wide Temp

InnoLite series stands out from consumer grade SSDs due to our reliability and industrial design. Our InnoLite MLC series passed all comprehensive reliability tests to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Not only are our innoLite Series products customized to fit specific needs, they are backed by our dedicated R&D support team and 2 years warranty as well

Product Informations

Model Name: InnoLite SATADOM D150QVHw
Interface: SATA II 3.0Gb/s
Type: Vertical
Flash Type: MLC
Capacity: 8GB~ 128GB
Max. Channels: 4
Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.): 120/70
Max. Power consumption: 1W (5V X200 mA)
Thermal Sensor: Optional
H/W Write Protect: Yes
Pin7 Power: Yes
ATA Security: Yes
S.M.A.R.T.: Yes

Reliabily and Durability

Vibration: 20G@7~2000Hz
Shock: 1500G@0.5ms
MTBF: 3 million hours

Environmental Specifications

Storage Temperature: -550C ~ +950C
Operation Temperature: Standard Grade: 00C ~ +700C
Industrial Grade. OP: -200C ~ +850C

Physical Characteristics

Dimension (WxLxH/mm): 25.3 x 39.5 x 6.8
Type: Horizontal