Industrial Storage //

04GB Industrial nano USB SLC 1 Channel(s) 18 MB/s DEUN-04GS23AC1ST

USB Flash Drive

Based on Industrial SLC Chips
Commercial Temp

The Innodisk Nano USB takes about one-third the space of its original industrial USB counterpart, and is currently the smallest industrial USB storage solution in the world. In particular, it works well for applications that are required to operate at temperatures from -400C to 850C. Its small size also reduces mechanical interference and ensures better ventilation within the motherboard. What's more, when inserted into a USB slot, only 25 percent of the Nano USB device - a mere 5mm - remains exposed on the motherboard.

i-S.M.A.R.T utility for health monitor
Intelligent error recovery system
Excellent data transfer speed
Designed with electroplating golden finger
Metal housing for ESD proof
Enhanced power cycling
Small size: 19.4 x 15.4 x 6.9mm (L x W x H)

Product Informations

Model Name: Industrial Nano USB
Interface: USB 2.0
Type: Standard
Flash Type: SLC
Connector: Type A
Capacity: 1GB~8GB
Max. Channels: 1
Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.): 19/17
Max. Power consumption: 0.45W (5V x 90mA)
H/W Write Protect: No

Reliabily and Durability

Vibration: 5G@7~2000Hz
Shock: 50G@0.5ms
MTBF: 3 million hours

Environmental Specifications

Storage Temperature: -550C ~ +950C
Operation Temperature: Standard Grade: 00C ~ +700C
Industrial Grade. OP: -400C ~ +850C

Physical Characteristics

Dimension (WxLxH/mm): 15.4 x 19.4 x 6.9
Type: Standard

Mechanical Specs