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16GB mSATA 3MG2-P with Toshiba 15nm(High IOPS, Industrial, W/T Grade, -40? ~ +85?) DGMSR-16GD81BW1DC

mSATA module

Wide Temp w/ Toshiba 15nm

Product Features
  • SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface
  • JEDEC MO-300 standard dimension
  • High IOPS by on-board DRAM design
  • Intelligent error recovery system
  • iSMART disk health monitoring
  • iData Guard for abnormal power failure
  • Zero mechanical interference
  • DEVSLP supported

  • Overview:

    Innodisk mSATA 3MG2-P is SATA III 6Gb/s flash based disk, which delivers excellent performance, especially in random data transfer rate, and which offers reliability making it the ideal solution for a variety of applications, including embedded system, industrial computing, and enterprise field. 3MG2-P mSATA not only performs unmatched performance, but also designed with Innodisk owned technical knowhow such as iData Guard to ensure the data integrity and highest levels of reliability. Featuring L² architecture, the life span of the SSD is maximized by an evolved wear leveling algorithm.