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mSATA 32GB D150Q 4 channels Wide Temp DRPS-32GJ30AW1QT

mSATA module

Wide Temp

InnoDisk mSATA D150Q is designed as the standard Mini PCIe form factor with SATA interface, and supports SATA II standard (3.0Gb/s) with good performance and thus performs faster data transfer rate. Sustain read can reach up to 130MB/s, and sustain write reach up to 125MB/s. The form factor is followed the MO-300 specification, established by JEDEC. Regarding of mechanical interference, InnoDisk mSATA D150Q absolutely replaces the traditional hard disk and makes personal computer, in any field, smaller and easier.

InnoDisk mSATA D150Q effectively reduces the booting time of operation system and the power consumption is less than hard disk drive (HDD), and complies with ATA protocol, no additional drives are required, and can be configured as a boot device or data storage device.

General Specifications
Connector Type   miniPCIe Pin Define for SATA Signal, 23:TX+;25:TX; 31:RX-; 33:RX+
Flash Type SLC(Single Level Cell)
Density 2GB, 4GB, 8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB
Transfer Mode SATA II, SATA I, PIO 0-4,
MDMA 0-2, UDMA 0-6
Sustained R/W Performance Read: 135 MB/sec(max.)
Write: 130 MB/sec(max.)

Environmental Specifications
DC Input  +3.3V DC 5%
Power Consumption(Max.) Read: 180 mA
Write:140 mA
Idle: 214 mA
Operating Temp. 00C-+700C(Standard Grade)
-400C-+850C(Industrial Grade)
Storage Temp. -550C-+950C
Humidity Relative Humidity: 10-95%,non-condesing
Flash Endurance 100,000 program/erase cycles
MTBF >4,000,000 hours
Certification CE,FCC,RoHS
Warranty 5years

Mechanical Specifications
Dimension(WxLxH) 29.85mm x 50.8mm x 3.5mm
Weight 90g 2g
Vibration 7 Hz to 2K Hz, , 3 axes
Shock Duration:1500G/0.5ms, 3 axes

Mechanical Specs