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Installation guide : how to install your memory?

Installing memory on an IMAC

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Installing memory on a Macbook

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Installing memory on a Mac Mini

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Installing memory on a Laptop

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General Guide for most laptop and desktop computers:


Installation Guide for RAM memory (SDRAM & DDR & RAMBUS)
Installation Process
1. Turn OFF the power to the computer.

2. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

3. Remove the computer cover.

4. Disconnect the power cord that runs from the power supply to the motherboard.

5. Locate the sockets on the motherboard. (See diagram in motherboard manual.)

6. Remove any dust and debris collected in the sockets with compressed air.

7. Levers are located at both ends of the memory socket on the motherboard. Push the lever into the down position.

8. Handle the memory module by touching edges only.

9. Line up the keyed notches on the memory module with the notches on the motherboard.

10. Then, insert the memory module into the expansion slot by pressing firmly on the edge of the memory module. Once the memory is in place, the levers secure the module in the slot.

11. Reconnect the power supply to the motherboard.

12. Place computer cover back on computer.

13. Reconnect power cord from wall/ UPS to power supply.

14. Turn the power ON, then boot the system to verify that the computer recognizes the new memory

Installation Guide for Laptop/notebook memory (SODIMM)

To install the SO-DIMM, do the following:
1. Turn off the computer; then disconnect the ac adapter and all cables from the computer.

2. Close the computer display, and turn it over.

3. Remove the battery.

4. Loosen the screws on the memory slot cover; then remove the cover

5. If the SO-DIMM is already in the memory slot, remove it to make room for the new one by pressing out on the latches on both edges of the socket at the same time. Be sure to save it for future use.

6. Find the notch on the side of the SO-DIMM you are installing. NOTE: To avoid damaging the SO-DIMM, do not touch its contact edge.

7. With the notched end of the SO-DIMM toward the side of the socket, insert the SO-DIMM, at an angle of about 20 degrees, into the socket (1); then press it in firmly (2).

8. Pivot the SO-DIMM downward until it snaps into place

9. Make sure that the card is firmly fixed in the slot and cannot be moved easily.

10. Replace the memory slot cover by aligning the back side of the cover first and then tightening the screws. NOTE: When you have added or upgraded a memory card, do not use your computer until you have closed the memory slot cover. Never use the computer with the cover open.

11. Put the battery back in place, turn the computer over again, and reconnect the cables.

Please contact the manufacturer or refer to the computer's manual for further assistance or for technical support.

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