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Industrial SD Card,
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Industrial SD Card

InnoDisk Industrial SD Card is a slim and low power consumed storage module that designed especially for portable devices. InnoDisk Industrial SD Card is compatible with SD 2.0 standard and supports SDHC Class 10 that provides excellent performance. The built-in auto ECC function can also detect and correct errors during data transfer. Moreover, InnoDisk Industrial SD Card supports standby and sleep mode that reduces power consumption in advance for application with limited power source.

Industrial SD card is specially designed to meet the strict demands of high-end industrial equipment that runs at extreme temperatures. Aside from its excellent operating temperature flexibility, The industiral SD card is exceptionally resistant to shock, vibration and dust, while consuming less power and maintaining fast, error-free data transfer speeds.

Available in 512MB to 16GB

With its great compatibility and durability, Industrial SD card is the ultimate solution for tough industrial environments where high-performance and ultra-reliability are essential.

Model variation
Industrial SD Card ( 0c to 70c)
Industrial Wide Temp SD Card (-25c to 85c)
Industrial SD Card

Industrial SLC

Commercial Temperature Operating Range: 0c to +70c
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Product listing
  Capacity   Part#   Description   Online Order   Sample pricing
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  Quantity pricing
DS2A-01GI81C1B  01GB Industrial SD Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 19 MB/s Contact us  
DS2A-02GI81C1B  02GB Industrial SD Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 19 MB/s Contact us  
DS2A-04GI81C1B  04GB Industrial SD Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 20 MB/s Contact us  
DS2A-08GI81C1B  08GB Industrial SD Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 20 MB/s Contact us  
DS2A-16GI81C1B  16GB Industrial Sd Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 20 MB/s Contact us  
DS2A-32GI81C1B  32GB Industrial Sd Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 20 MB/s Contact us  
DS2A-128I81C1B  128MB Industrial SD Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 19 MB/s Contact us  
DS2A-256I81C1B  256MB Industrial SD Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 19 MB/s Contact us  
DS2A-512I81C1B  512MB Industrial SD Card SLC 1 Channel(s) 19 MB/s Contact us  


General Specifications

Interface: 9 pims SD standard Interface
SLC NAND Flash Capacity:
  • Standard: 1GB, 2GB;
  • SDHC: 4GB, 64GB
    Data transfer rate:
    􀂋Sustain Read:
    15Mbytes/s. (MAX)
    􀂋Sustain Write: 15Mbytes/s (MAX)
    Error Correction Function: Buil-in ECC corrects up to 28 bits per 1 KB
    Insertion/removal: 15,000 Cycles
    Dimension: 24x32x2.1mm (LxWxH)
    Write Protect Switch: 1,000 cycles
    Operating temperature: 0c to 70c celcius

  • Environmental Specifications
    DC Input  2.7V to 3.6V
    Power Consumption(Max.) Read: 40 mA
    Write: 60 mA
    Idle: 180 A
    Operating Temp. 00C-+700C(Standard Grade)
    -400C-+800C(Industrial Grade)
    Storage Temp. -550C-+950C
    Humidity Relative Humidity: 10-95%,non-condesing
    Flash Endurance 100,000 program/erase cycles
    MTBF >3,000,000 hOURS
    Certification CE,FCC,RoHS
    Warranty 5 years

    Mechanical Specifications
    Dimension(WxLxH) 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm
    Weight 2.1g 0.05g
    Vibration 7 Hz to 2K Hz, , 3 axes
    Shock Duration: 0.5ms, 1500G, 3 axes

    Error Detection and Correction

    Highly sophisticated Error Correction Code algorithms are implemented. The ECC unit consists of the Parity Unit (parity-byte generation) and the Syndrome Unit (syndrome-byte computation). This unit implements an algorithm that can correct 28 bits per 1 KB in an ECC block. Code-byte generation during write operations, as well as error detection during read operation, is implemented on the fly without any speed penalties.

    Wear Leveling

    Flash memory can be erased within a limited number of times. This number is called the erase cycle limit or write endurance limit and is defined by the flash array vendor. The erase cycle limit applies to each individual erase block in the flash device. InnoDisk Industrial SD Card uses a wear-leveling algorithm to ensure that consecutive writes of a specific sector are not written physically to the same page and block in the flash. This spreads flash media usage evenly across all pages, thereby extending flash lifetime.

    Bad Blocks Management

    Bad Blocks are blocks that contain one or more invalid bits whose reliability are not guaranteed. The Bad Blocks may be presented while the SD is shipped, or may develop during the life time of the SD. The Bad Blocks will not exceed more than 3% of the total device volume. When the Bad Blocks is detected, it will be flagged, and not be used anymore. The SD implement Bad Blocks management, Bad Blocks replacement, Error Correct Code to avoid data error occurred. The functions will be enabled automatically to transfer data from Bad Blocks to spare blocks, and correct error bit.

    Mechanical Diagram

    Other models available ( Variation)
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