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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Will these SSD product will be recognized the same way as my current regular hard drive ?
Yes, Our SATA and IDE are built to be recognized as a traditional rotative hard drive without having to install any software or to change any manual settings.
By connecting, our SATA or IDE device to the motherboard, the BIOS will recognized the unit and your unit will be ready to be formatted and you can install your Operating system and operate as a regular hard drive.
If you have an old motherboard or a proprietary board, you might have to manualy setup information on the BIOS settings, under HDD Detection:

Can we install an Operating system on these Solid State Products
Yes, Our products are built to be the primary storage device of the system. It has been designed to allow any system to boot from our units. .You can install any Operating system, such as Windows, DOS or Linux

Can we use the 2.5" Solid State Drives on a desktop Computer ?
Yes, However since our 2.5" Solid State Drives units are built with the same form factor as a regular laptop hard drive, it will require an inexpensive standard adapter, (Laptop 2.5" to Desktop 3.5" Disk)

Will our 2.5" SSD Drive will fit my Laptop Hard Drive ?
Before purchasing the unit, we suggest you verify what is the form factor of your hard drive inside your Laptop computer, some takes 2.5" or 1.8" wide space. Our 2.5" SSD Drive are using the same standard form factor that the regular laptop with the same screw positions.

Does the Disk on Module come with the power Cable?
All the Disk on Module that requires to get power from the power supply are coming with Power Cable adapter, The USB DOM and 44pin Disk on Module, that get powers from the data connector, doesn't come with any power cable since it is not required.

I don't see the product that i would need, can you build them ?
Please contact us and give your requirements, if we can't find the product you need, we will analyse the project and work with you to find a custom solution, as we are currently doing for some of our current customers.

I have seen a price difference between your products and some other Solid State Disk in the market, what is the difference?
Not all the Solid State Drive have the same specifications, the components inside the SSD units can differ and results in large difference in durability and performance, When you are comparing a Solid State Disks, you have to take a particular attention to the components, including the Flash memory used inside the device. Our Solid State are build to meet Industrial Standards, using SLC Chips that have been proven to be more durable with a faster read/write than a lower end consumer grade devices.

I have heard that the Flash technology have limited number of read and write, how durable these type of disk are compared to regular hard drive ?
Yes, the Flash Technology have read and write limitations, it means that the chips where the data is stored have limited lifetime. Flash chip will fail after a defined number of read and write. However this limitation needs to be put in perspective, the number of full read/write cycle is estimated at 2 Millions, it means that it will take more than 200 year at a read and write of 50GB per day to fail. In fact, this limitation will still make the Solid State device more reliable than any mechanical hard drive.

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